Affan Bajwa

Hello, I’m Affan

YOLO, you only live once

Building digital products, brands, and experiences.

I craft brands and create experiences. I specialize in Visual Storytelling through UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, and Mobile App Design.



Recent Case Study

CapitalStake Pvt. Ltd.
Providing unbiased, accurate & timely financial information.
Website Redesign
Case Study

Web design strategy to increase business growth

50% Increase in search engine ranking.
70% Increase in mobile visitors.
300% Increase in product and service inquiries.
100% Increase in Sale conversion.
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What my clients say about me?

Affan's designs gets the results

On our old website we were losing conversions and leads.We hired Affan for the redesign of our outdated company website. At first we were not even sure how will it be done. But Affan shared with us few ideas and presented us few different design variants. After launching the new designs there was a increase in view, and increase in inquiries.

Faraz Naeem

Founder/CEO @Capital Stake

I highly recommend Affan

He developed a fantastic work with a UI/UX development project. You can rely on him to do a fantastic job. He was very cooperative and fun to work with. I really liked how patient he was with the several changes I requested and made insightful contributions during the process.

Faithman Nartey

Financial Solutions Manager

Affan is awesome.

Has been extremely productive, only ever charging for the work done and always ensuring that what was done was done to the highest standard.

Dean McClelland

Founder/CEO @TontineTrust

Affan approached this job in a serious manner

I have a lot of gratitude for Affan's work because he not only did what I asked him to an impeccable degree, but he provided extra help as well. I would recommend Affan to anyone who is seeking an individual who is hard-working, and meticulous with each part of the job.

Gianni Ferraro

Founder @StealthStartup

What I do?

Product Discovery

Look into the business case and validate the idea. Chalk out a roadmap of what can be made, what should be made, and what will be its cost in terms of time & resources.

Competitor Analysis

Building a list of direct, indirect, and potential competitors, analyzing their specific features, and what users are saying about them.

User Research

Access the user base, problems they face, build empathy, and measure their behavior quantitatively and qualitatively.

UX Strategy

Understand business & functional requirements, analyze user goals, evaluate technical capabilities, and coin a UX strategy with maximum business success.

UX Design

User flows, User Journey, Information Architecture, wireframes, and site maps for an MVP. Further Iterations are conducted if needed.


Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to conduct usability evaluations to make sure MVP is fulfilling key business and user objectives.

UI Design

Brand-oriented design decisions, develop product's look and feels with Typography, Colors, Iconography, Illustrations. Formulate style guide.

Dev Facilitation

Prepare for final Design hands-off, by exporting assets, providing detailed UI component guidelines, and Compiling Design Systems.

Tool that I use



Wireframing, Prototyping and designs

Adobe Xd

Wireframing, Prototyping and designs


Wireframing, Prototyping and designs

Project Management


Project Management & Tracking


Project Management & Tracking


Project Management & Tracking


Project Management & Tracking



Look into the business case and validate the idea.


Building a list of direct, indirect and potential


Assess the user base, problems they face, build

A few things 🙄
clients normally ask me:

What is your work process?

Firstly, I spend some time and understand the goal and vision of the product/app. During this I communicate and a-lot with the decision makers and ask a-lot of question.
Secondly, I start with Wireframes and finalize the way in which data points will be laid across screens. While working on wire-frames I communicate with backend developer while they are setting up the ground work for API's.
Although not recommended but sometimes due to deadlines I do formulate wireframes for each and every screen/module. Once the overall UX vision is formulated I start to work on high fidelity designs right away.
Thirdly, after that I began working on high fidelity design aka UI design. This is where the app will get it's overall look and feel. While designing UI I prototype and evaluate the overall UX.

What is your location & timezone?

I live in Sialkot, Pakistan and my timezone is PST (GMT+5). However, I can manage 5 hours of overlap with EST, PST time zones easily.

How often can we communicate?

We can communicate on daily bases for daily stand ups through Zoom & Google. Provided that the meeting are scheduled.

How do you ensure successul completion of the project?

Starting from the beginning till the end, I like to work and communicate with decision maker only as it help me understand the vision and scope of the project.
I prefer to work using SCRUM methodology. I use JIRA, ASANA or TRELLO for tasks management. I start working with most complex User Stories with a 14 day sprint and come up with a MVP.

Let me know if you want to talk about a potential collaboration. I’m available
for freelance work.

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