Website & Product Design for an Escrow Platform

Conducting trade transactions Securely and Conveniently

Product Design
Responsive Web App
Responsive Website

The Client

BreezeEscrow is a financial technology service enabling clients to quickly set up escrow accounts using a web app ( on desktop or mobile) to facilitate trade transactions. Breeze Escrow will become the primary platform for parties involved in trade transactions to conclude such transactions securely and conveniently.

In addition to providing escrow services, BreezeEscrow will provide ancillary services such as legal, valuation, and inspection from independent providers; these ancillary services will be provided for a fee.

Company Size
Key Services Provided
  • Competitor Analysis
  • UX Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Product Design
  • Responsive Web Design

The Challenge

Alongside all the functional requirements following challenges needed to be addressed through design:


A rigorous and in-depth competitor analysis was conducted to get a deeper understanding of the Escrow process and user frustrations. Paypal and were two main competitors.

Information Architecture

After completing the competitor analysis, Information Architecture was mapped out to finalize the basic structures, and information was laid out across the pages for different devices to develop a better UX strategy.

Separate Information architectures were laid out for Users(Target customers) of BreezeEscrow and the Admins at BreezeEscrow, who will provide ancillary services such as legal, valuation, and inspection to the users.


After finalizing the Information Architecture, Low-fidelity wireframes were mocked to understand and test the flow of the overall app.

Final UI Designs

After finalizing the wireframes, branding was applied to all the User and Admin wireframes for desktop, tablet, and mobile designs.

Website design

During my collaboration with BreezeEscrow, I designed their brand consistent, responsive website.

The designed marketing site effectively engages visitors at all sales to funnel stages by consolidating the navigation and strategically layering the information.

Throughout the site, illustrations and micro-interactions were placed to give users a sense of security and convenience.

Client Feedback

I highly recommend Affan

He developed a fantastic work with my UI/UX development project. You can rely on him to do a fantastic job. He was very cooperative and fun to work with. I really liked how patient he was with the several changes I requested and made insightful contributions during the process.

Faithman Nartey

Financial Solutions Manager

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