HIPAA compliant unique but
Simple healthcare experience

Creating a simple healthcare experience for everyone.

Product Design
Hybrid Web App
To comply with non-disclosure agreements, confidential information in some of the case studies have been deliberately omitted. Information in such a case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the Client’s views.

The Client

The client wants to offer a revolutionary HIPAA-compliant Telehealth solution that simplifies the Healthcare experience for everyone. An innovative platform with device-independent telehealth integrates with EMRs and existing clinical workflows. It creates a single patient engagement experience for both in-person visits and tele-visits. The AI-driven platform enables clinics to proactively manage quality metrics. It collects, collates, and cleanses fragmented patient data into a unified patient health record.

Stealth Startup
California US
Company Size
Key Services Provided
  • Low-Fidelity desings
  • UX Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Visual Product Design
  • Hybrid Desktop Web & Mobile Design

Product Goals

Today, healthcare is fraught with daunting experiences for both physicians and patients. Disparate systems, multiple data formats, data interoperability issues, and lack of complete patient information have created frustrating experiences.

The client was looking for a simple experience that would revolutionize healthcare. The client wants a frictionless engagement connecting disparate services into a single ecosystem, allowing health information to follow patients through their healthcare journey.

The goal is to have a multi-tenancy platform to deploy at scale, machine learning, automated workflows, and advanced analytics, envisioning a compelling and rewarding healthcare experience for all.

Business Goals
Saas For Healthcare Practitioners, Caregivers & Patients.
Functional Goals
Unique platform with state-of-the-art live video telehealth, workflow-aware patient engagement suite and a distinctive unified health records system.
“67% of providers state that EHR interoperability should be a top priority”
- Stanford Study

Design Process

I started the design process by collaborating closely with one of the co-founder. Who was providing me info about key product features and API data points. I paid close attention to understanding the technical capabilities of the development team. For asynchronous communication, Slack was used, and weekly product update meetings were held through Google Meet.

Overall the approach was API first approach. We kept track of Epics and User Stories on JIRA. Each task was given a 14 day sprint which was enough time to research, prototype, design and iterate based on feedback.

After each user story was finalized, it was then passed on to developers. For better facilitation of developers, I had to compile and provide them with design guidelines.


After spending more than 600 hours, I was able to design a HIPAA-compliant rich and immersive interface for both desktop web and Mobile apps. The platform lets patients search, book, and manage their in-person or remote appointments while, on the other hand, providers can access patients' data in one place.

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